This blog is going to blow your mind. It’s called carntheroos4eva.com because i’m wanting to poke fun at the small things in life. Things that are funny and make us all laugh.

It’s also going to have a fun forum for you to join. The forum is something that you can use anytime you want for any purpose but you need to understand it’s for fun. Lines need to be drawn in the sand.

There is to be no talking about people who have taken us to court, no mention of any court case surrounding this and no mention of a certain person. There are rules that are in place that will get us into some trouble. If you mention this you will be the one that faces the action. That goes for anyone who thinks that it’s funny to be a bit of an immature clown and that decides to just talk about that all day long.

Contempt of court is a big charge so no matter who it is you are. If you make mention of these things you will get into so much trouble that it’s not funny.

With that being said the onus is on the small things in life that can be poked fun at. Keep it to that and we won’t have any issues.

You will notice that you can’t comment on this blog. That’s deliberately done because i don’t want people to come on here just to abuse me.

You see in the past i’ve had people come on to my blogs and abuse the living daylights out of me. It’s not going to happen. It can’t happen.